Altagracia Spanish School.

Ometepe / San Juan del Sur.

Our purpose is to satisfy all your needs and make you feel at home.  We are concerned with improving your communication skills.  We will take care of you while you are immersed in our educational programs.  The school manager and teachers want you to be happy, have fun, know our culture and enjoy your time in school learning our language.  Do not worry about what your level of knowledge is we will find out where you are and will then take you forward. Ometepe communities also are eager to be helped so we have included various volunteer options in case you want to help.

We are located in Altagracia Ometepe in front of central park at Posada Cabrera in Altagracia, Now you can also ask for our  Spanish Lessons in San Juan del Sur now, we are offering spanish lessons in San Juan del Sur, you want to study there let us know and we will prepare everything for you, we work with very professional and highly recommended local spanish teacher, and just like on the island we offer you the safest, cleanest, and prettiest acommodation at same island prices….

E-mail: altagraciaspanishschool@gmail.com

Phones: (505)  89851747– (505) 88247597

Facebook user name: https://www.facebook.com/altagracia.spanishschool

Ometepe                                                                            San Juan del Sur

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